Like A Petulant Child, Trump Blames China For Not Stopping North Korea

In his latest Twitter rant, Trump blasted China for making money off the United States but never helping the country against North Korea.

North Korea

A day after North Korea successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile that experts warn places the entire U.S. mainland under target, President Donald Trump decided to erode the already fragile position the country holds in an aggressive Twitter rant.

Instead of convening with experts at the White House or conferring with world leaders to stop the military ambitions of the hermit kingdom, the commander-in-chief took to social media to pick fights with world powers.

Confirming that he was indeed very angry, Trump blasted China for making money off the United States but never helping the country against North Korea.

It is pertinent to note that China is North Korea's most important trading ally and partner, but instead of thinking like a world leader with any knowledge on how to converse with allies, Trump slammed China for not playing a role in pressuring Pyongyang to end its nuclear program.

Trump insisted China could easily "solve" the problem. But could it?

In April, POTUS himself admitted, after meeting Chinese premier Xi Jinping, that it's not exactly easy for China to rein in North Korea. Assigning the full responsibility of controlling North Korea to a key ally now seems like dangerous behavior.

Moreover, it is also not true that China has kept mum over such developments.

Earlier this year, the country attempted to play the role of a peacemaker, suggesting DPRK should stop its nuclear weapons and missiles program in exchange for the U.S. ceasing their joint military exercises that trouble North Korea.

Even now, China condemned the actions of North Korea and warned the country to not escalate tensions in the Korean peninsula.

As Trump continues to blast world leaders on Twitter, Pyongyang seems adamant to exact revenge from the U.S. if the country does not stop placing sanctions.

"The U.S. needs to stop with its delusion of trying to harm us, by clearly understanding the strategic status of the DPRK which soared up as the world's nuclear and missile power, and our military and peoples' strong will to revenge our enemies to destruction," a foreign ministry spokesman of the regime said.

These do not seem empty threats. Weapons experts are certain that if shot, the missiles could easily reach New York and Boston and cause heavy destruction.

The Twitter outburst from Trump was not the only reaction from the country. In what is dubbed as a direct response to North Korea, the U.S. sent two B-1 bombers from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam on a 10-hour round trip over the Korean Peninsula on Saturday, the Air Force said in a statement.

Given Trump's attitude, the U.S. might soon become a country whose allies want to work around the country, and not work with it.

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