Trump Appears Unamused By French Military Band’s Daft Punk Medley

President Donald Trump appeared thoroughly unimpressed as the French military band transitioned between popular Daft Punk hits during the Bastille Day parade.

French President Emmanuel Macron And US President Donald Trump interact during Bastille Day Parade

President Donald Trump’s France visit came to an end on Friday with an appearance at a parade honoring Bastille Day.

The holiday commemorates the anniversary of Storming of the Bastille, a pivotal point in the French Revolution.

During the parade — attended by Trump and the newly-elected French President Emanuel Macron, among other dignitaries — a military band played a medley of songs by the internationally-famed French electronic music group Daft Punk. During the band’s outstanding performance, Trump appeared less than entertained.

Meanwhile, Macron looked thrilled as he smiled and nodded his head in approval throughout the show.

A video shared by Channel 4 News compares the two world leaders’ vastly differing reactions by showing close-ups of each of their faces throughout the duration of the performance.

As the band transitioned between popular songs, including “One More Time,” “Get Lucky,” and “Harder Better Faster Stronger,” Trump appeared bored and unimpressed while Macron seemed completely and utterly delighted.

In Trump’s defense, he probably isn’t too familiar with Daft Punk’s music because he only keeps the tunes of his rocker pals Kid Rock and Ted Nugent on repeat.

Nevertheless, the least he could have done was cracked a smile or two. Then again, doing so may have actually made him appear more likable, which would tarnish the terrible reputation he’s worked so hard building for himself.  

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters, Charles Platiau

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