Trump Is Allegedly Starting Trade Wars Out Of Anger

President Donald Trump's decision to impose tariffs on foreign aluminum and steel products is allegedly based on unrelated news events from throughout the past week.

President Donald Trump waving

The administration of President Donald Trump is in disarray.

This isn’t news to many people. The various gaffes and policy positions that run counter to what the American people want is evidence enough that the current president is incapable of being an effective leader.

But recent leaks from the White House reveal that Trump may have inadvertently started a trade war while being angry about other events surrounding his presidency, according to NBC News.

Two White House officials told NBC that Trump’s decision to promote tariffs on aluminum and steel imports was based, in part, on three unrelated issues impacting his administration.

Trump became "unglued" the source said. 

Hope Hicks’s Congressional testimony before a committee looking into Russian interference in our elections, a response from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to a tweet Trump made earlier in the week, and drama between his chief of staff and his son-in-law, all contributed to the president’s apparent decision to announce tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum products entering the U.S.

"Trade wars are good, and easy to win," he wrote on Twitter.

His proposal itself was unknown to several White House officials — including his chief of staff, John Kelly.

Trump’s talk of tariffs was heard on Wall Street, however, resulting in a several hundreds points drop in the market as a result.

What conclusions can be drawn from all of this? Trump, more than one year into his tenure as president, is still in way over his head. On the one issue that he could feasibly say he was doing well in — the economy, which may itself be a remnant of his predecessor’s accomplishments — the current president has still managed to do harm.

Trump is not a leader, in any sense of the word. His failure as a businessman has been well-documented before — and most Americans agree he is failing as president as well.

Based on this recent report from sources from within the White House, Trump is issuing mandates based on his anger rather than rational reasoning. That’s no way to lead, and it could result in many disastrous outcomes for the nation in the long run.

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