Trump Feuds With 'Hamilton' To Distract America From Bigger Concerns

People believe Donald Trump's bizarre "Hamilton" tweets are just a pathetic attempt at distraction.


It looks like the president-elect has the "crooked, dishonest" media on a leash, knowing exactly what piece of news to throw at them to distract from issues of "lesser importance."

This week, our Vice President -elect, Mike Pence, went to see one of the most iconic plays of our times, "Hamilton." This is ironic because Pence wants to move money away from HIV treatment to conversion therapies while the lead actor of the musical, Javier Muñoz, is an HIV-positive, openly gay actor.

The diverse cast of Hamilton also had a message for the veep-elect.

The actors exercised their First Amendment Right and asked Pence to protect them. However, that did not sit well with Donald Trump, who called it harassment.

Hamilton's message, and Trump's unnecessary response, sparked an intense debate on Twitter.

This means that the stuff that really matters is getting buried even deeper.

People believe Trump's feud with "Hamilton" is nothing but a ploy to distract America from how yhe billionaire business mogul settled his Trump University lawsuit after defrauding millions of poor Americans out of their hard-earned money or how he coaxed foreign diplomats to stay at his hotel in Washington D.C.

Other stories could include how Ivanka Trump sat in during the President-elect's meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. Trump's outburst might have also been a tactic to remover attention from the fact that he appointed white nationalist Steve Bannon as his chief strategist or Islamophobe Gen. Michael Flynn as his national security adviser.

In fact, Trump’s entire cabinet is made up of a motley crew of racists, chauvinists, philanderers, and spineless opportunists.

So let's condemn Trump for rebuking the Hamilton cast members, but also remember that we, as a nation, still have many other things to be worried about.

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