US President Donald Trump: Not Sure If Israel Wants Peace

"And I am not necessarily sure that Israel is looking to make peace. So we are just going to have to see what happens," Trump told Israel Hayom in an interview.

Nearly three months after Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the U.S. president has said he is "not necessarily sure" Israel wants peace with Palestinians.

In an interview with the right-wing daily Israel Hayom, Trump weighed in on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying neither side appears willing to reach an agreement.

As far as denouncing Palestinians is concerned, Trump has done it before. In fact, just last month, the United States withheld $65 million in Palestinian aid after Trump tweeted Palestinians give "no appreciation or respect" to Washington.

The surprising bit in the latest interview is Trump's criticism for Israel.

Even though the United Nations has declared the Israeli settlements, currently being built on Israeli-occupied Palestinian land, illegal, the expansion has continued under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's watch.

In addition, Israeli authorities are continuously bulldozing Palestinian villages while Israeli armed forces are forcibly expelling Palestinians from their homes — all of which amounts to human rights abuses.

However, Trump, despite being well aware of Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, took the liberty of recognizing Jerusalem, a contested city that lies at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as Israel's undivided capital. By doing so, Trump inevitably denied the Palestinian people's rights over the city and endorsed all human rights violations occurring against Palestinians at the hands of a state that continues to violate international law.

Nearly three months down the lane, Trump appears to be feeling differently — and unusually spot-on — about Israel.

“Right now, I would say the Palestinians are not looking to make peace. They are not looking to make peace,” Trump said in the interview with Israel Hayom. “And I am not necessarily sure that Israel is looking to make peace. So we are just going to have to see what happens.”

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