Trump Reportedly Predicted Israel Could End Up With 'Mohammed' As PM

“What you say makes sense. … [In a one-state scenario,] the prime minister of Israel in a few years will be called Mohammed,” said Trump.

Mahmoud Abbas

President Donald Trump allegedly told King Abdullah II of Jordan two month ago at the White House that a one-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict might result in Israel having a prime minister named Muhammad in a few years.

On Aug. 2, King Abdullah hosted French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian in the capital city of Amman. During the meeting, the king reportedly discussed his meeting with Trump with the French minister. Abdullah told Trump during the meeting that “many young Palestinians don’t want the two-state solution anymore, but would rather live together with the Israelis in one state with equal rights for all.” The king thought “the result will be that Israel will lose its Jewish character.”

Axios reported the French diplomats said Trump replied “half joking, half serious, “What you say makes sense. … [In a one-state scenario,] the prime minister of Israel in a few years will be called Mohammed.”

Trump’s remark to the king of Jordan were made on June 25 and might suggest he thinks a one-state solution to the conflict may threaten Israel’s existence as a Jewish state.

Later, Israel’s Channel 10 news reported Abdullah also urged the U.S. president to not “present your [peace] plan now: There are too many difficulties right now. There’s no need to hurry to present the American peace plan.”

However, Trump seemed unimpressed by the remark saying, “I want to advance a peace agreement in the Middle East, because if my administration cannot achieve a deal, no administration will be able to.”

The Trump administration is still considering when and how to launch the president’s peace plan. Very little details have been leaked by the White House even though the administration has been planning to launch it for several months now. It’s still unclear whether the plan is based on a two-state solution or a different model altogether.

Trump has said he would back whatever solution Israel and Palestine will come up with. He also reportedly stated that if his administration can’t broker a deal between the two sides, than no other administration ever can.

However, King Abdullah has emphasized the peace plan must first be reviewed and discussed by prominent Arab and European states, something that is yet to happen.

Jordan has also complained they have not seen the much-awaited proposal and not one of the European countries have seen it either.

The TV channel said the report has been verified by a former U.S. official and an Israeli, who were briefed on the meeting but the White House and the Jordanian embassy in Washington have opted to stay mum.

The Israel Hayom, a pro-Netanyahu newspaper reported senior officials in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt have implied they would support Trump’s peace plan even if the Palestinian Authority rejects it. However, this report has not been confirmed.

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