Trump Jr. Caught 'Red-Handed' On New Time Magazine Cover

President Donald Trump has been featured on the cover of Time Magazine over a dozen times. Now, it’s his son’s turn, but for very different reasons.

Time magazine offered no subtlety in its latest cover, which features an image of Donald Trump Jr. laid over the emails he exchanged to arrange a meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer in 2016.

As Mashable identified, the image even highlights particularly damaging sections of the email exchange, so as to point out Trump Jr.’s blatant knowledge of the inquiry’s ties to Russia. The email conversation and subsequent meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya is considered by many to be the first concrete evidence of the Trump administration’s collusion with the Russian government.

For the first time, Trump Jr. joins his father as a featured subject on the cover of the magazine, but in this case, under much more dire circumstances.

The New York Times broke the news of the meeting earlier this week, and nearly every major publication gave its own analysis into the bombshell charges. Time magazine offered perhaps one of the fiercest critiques, saying that Trump Jr. has been caught “red-handed.”

As we pointed out earlier this week, even the New York Post, which is known for it’s right-leaning tendencies and typical support of the Trump administration wrote an editorial calling Trump Jr. an idiot for arranging the meeting.

The pretext of Trump Jr.’s engagement was to acquire controversial information about Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, but Veselnitskaya allegedly shifted the conversation to discuss adoption regulations between the United States and Russia. Trump Jr. says that since no dirty information about Clinton was actually exchanged, he should be excused for his actions.

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President Trump said that he was proud of his son for remaining “open, transparent, and innocent.” However, all indications show that the only reason why Trump Jr. self-released his emails via Twitter was because he knew that The New York Times was preparing to publish the transcripts themselves.

And although President Trump may currently be standing behind his son’s actions, all of that may change as evidence of collusion grows closer to the president’s own inner-circle.

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