Trump Jr. Can't Seem To Remember If He Told Dad About Russia Meeting

Documents from a Senate committee investigating Russia's role in the 2016 elections show that Donald Trump Jr. may have talked to President Donald Trump about meeting with Russians.


Documents from the Russia investigation involving potentially illegal actions from members of President Donald Trump’s campaign (including his son Donald Trump Jr.) were released on Wednesday, which could spell trouble for the commander-in-chief.

One newsworthy item to note relates to a controversial meeting between Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya that took place in the summer of 2016. Trump Jr. had been seeking “dirt” on his father’s political opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, which Veselnitskaya had implied over email communications she had.

The two, plus a handful of others from the Trump campaign (including the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner) met with the lawyer at Trump Tower in New York. The meeting reportedly bore out nothing of use for the campaign, but made headlines once knowledge of it was made public, due to the questionable legal ramifications of the campaign using information obtained from a foreign entity, as well as the strongly-held opinions held by most Americans that such a meeting was distasteful and wrong to pursue.

Up to this point, the president could play ignorant about the issue. No record existed that suggested Trump Jr. shared the information with his father, and the White House has said that Trump didn’t know about the meeting taking place.

A new wrinkle in that statement came about on Wednesday after Senate testimony from Trump Jr. on the meeting was released to the public. Those notes demonstrate that it’s possible Trump Jr. did share the information with his father.

When asked about whether he did or did not, Trump Jr. told the Senate committee investigating Russia that he couldn’t remember if he talked to his father about it or not.

That’s a far cry from a definitive “no” answer, and it should trouble every American about whether our president had indeed been attempting to collude with Russia.

Consider this: Had Veselnitskaya actually had information worth sharing with Trump Jr., is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that he wouldn’t share that with his father? The meeting on its own proves the campaign was willing to work with Russians who had close ties to the Kremlin in order to facilitate a victory in November, and indeed more documents released on Wednesday demonstrate that Russia had wanted Trump to win.

In what other ways did the Trump campaign reach out to them? That question has yet to be answered, but it should be on the minds of everyone who cares about preserving the integrity of our nation’s highest office.

With that in mind, Trump Jr.’s “maybe” answer on the issue of if he talked to his dad about the meeting leaves little confidence in the idea that he didn’t. It’s a matter worth pursuing, if only to let the American people know the fiendish means Trump was willing to go to in order to reach his desired ends.

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