Trump Jr. Is Soon To Give A 30-Minute Speech For $100,000

Donald Trump Jr. is being paid $100,000 to give a speech at a Texas university. The fee is double what he made when his father was not the president.

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The Trump family is certainly milking it for all its worth.

Donald Trump Jr. is being paid $100,000 to give a speech at University of North Texas — a fee that is double what he earned when his father was not the president.

In July, Trump Jr. signed a contract with the University of North Texas for its Kuehne Speaker Series. The event, that will be held on Oct. 24, will include a 30-minute speech by Trump Jr. and a half-hour question-and-answer session in exchange for $100,000, said the student newspaper, North Texas Daily.

Trump Jr.’s speaking fee is non-refundable.

Aside from this, the president’s eldest son will attend a dinner the night before, a VIP reception before the event and a VIP breakfast the next day. He will also get $5,000 in food, travel and lodging accommodations.

The speaker series’ primary sponsor is the tax-services firm Ryan, which is led by a major Republican donor and the Denton university’s alumni, G. Brint Ryan.

“I don’t think we’ve paid that much before,” Ryan said of Trump Jr.’s stipend. However, he added, “The fee is not important — what's important is the net result. This is not a deal to sponsor Donald Trump Jr. This is an effort to raise as much money as possible for scholarships.”

Trump’s eldest son works as the executive vice president of the Trump Organization but because he is not a formal member of the White House, his speaking engagements do not violate any laws.

However, he is still the focus of a federal investigation into the possible collusion of Russia into Trump’s presidential campaign. This draws attention to the question whether his speeches can be used to influence Trump and his organization.

Trump Jr., as well as his father, has also been critical of paid speeches given By Hillary and Bill Clinton during the 2016 election campaign.



Trump Jr. is not the only Trump child to benefit from their father’s presidency. Ivanka Trump, Trump’s favorite child, also tried to auction off a private coffee “date” to benefit he Eric Trump’s Foundation. The auction was later canceled.

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