Trump Jr. 'Likes' Tweet About How A Mosque Shooting Would Help His Dad

Donald Trump Jr. is a staunch supporter of his father, and he is proud to show it on social media by liking discriminatory tweets.

Just a few days ago, a mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec, Canada, left six people dead and eight wounded. The news came amid protests and backlash prompted by President Donald Trump’s ban on people from seven Muslim majority countries.

A former NYPD officer, John Cardillo, who is a staunch Trump supporter, posted a rather disgusting tweet about the attack, and interestingly, Donald Trump Jr. liked it.


Mosque Shooting

The tweet implied that there were high chances of the shooter turning out to be a Muslim, which would further prove Trump’s point: that Muslims are terrorists and should be kept out of the country. But, soon it was revealed that the attacker was, in fact, a French-Canadian far-right supporter of the new POTUS. Trump Jr. has still not unliked the tweet, despite the attacker’s identity being known.

Interestingly, Cardillo was not the only one to think the young shooter was a Muslim. Soon after the incident, Fox News tweeted, “Suspect of Quebec mosque terror attack was of Moroccan origin.” The tweet remained hours after it was determined that the shooter was a white supremacist. The news organization finally removed the offending tweet after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office intervened.

It is important to note that when rumors about the shooter being linked to Islam were spreading online, most news agencies and notable figures used the term “Muslim Moroccan” to talk about him. However, when this was proved to be false, instead of calling him a terrorist or gunman, the shooter was referred to as a “lone wolf” and “university student.”

It’s ironic how news agencies and public figures have conveniently linked Islam to terrorism and are quick to draw a connection between the two, but when terrorist attacks are led by people from the white race, they are looked at with sympathy and often described as “mentally unstable.”

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