Trump Jr. Supports Refugee Ban Because Of ‘Children Being Raped Daily’

For Donald Trump, taking advantage of the celebrity status of his children is tantamount for perpetuating his bigoted rhetoric without having to do it himself.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

On Friday, BuzzFeed reported that the son of the GOP candidate, Donald Trump, condoned his father’s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants from recognized terrorist countries.

In a Facebook Live interview with a reporter from Salt Lake City’s CBS affiliate, he stated an untruth that in Europe “young children [are] being raped daily” by migrants.

He was likely pointing to migrant rape reports in swimming pools from earlier this year in Germany, as indicated by his anti-Muslim tweet of an article from alt-right publication Breitbart.

Trump Jr. cited the European continent as a negative example of how the U.S. should not handle the refugee crisis.

He said, “If you look at what’s happened in Europe as it relates to the migrant flows, you know, and you’re hearing about young children being raped daily, and you’re looking at countries that were very good and peaceful countries, the statistics are going through the roof in terms of those kind of attacks – we just have to be intelligent with what we’re doing.”

While his father may be attempting to distance himself from the alt-right as the November elections draw near, Trump Jr. continues to unabashedly wave his white supremacist flag. By bragging about his relationships with neo-Nazis, and essentially promoting ethnic cleansing, Trump Jr. is continuing to court the vote of conservative, white extremists.

Banner photo credit: Reuters 

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