Trump Jr. Politicizes YouTube Shooting In Bizarre Anti-Liberal Tweet

After news of the tragic shooting at YouTube headquarters broke, the president's son blurted out an incoherent argument about the NRA, vegans, and PETA.

Donald Trump Jr. speaks into a microphone

In a muddled, ham-fisted tweet that rivals some the most incoherent babble on his father's account, Donald Trump Jr. used the unfolding YouTube shooting tragedy to take a jab at the left. 

Shortly after midnight, President Donald Trump's eldest son tweeted out a sarcastic comment that was seemingly an attempt to say social media platforms like YouTube favor "liberal vegan PETA activists" over NRA members. 

Presumably, Trump Jr. wrote this tweet while taking a break from his busy schedule of Instagramming about his crossfit regimen and allegedly cheating on his wife with a star from "Celebrity Apprentice." 

His argument seems pretty well contradicted by the fact that the YouTube shooter, herself a "vegan PETA activist," was the one who felt censored by YouTube.

Much like his father's tweets, it may take years for anyone to understand what he was trying to say — or what made him think it was such a knock-down zinger. 

Many people on Twitter blasted Trump Jr.'s comment, not for his slack-jawed attempt at an argument, but for his insensitivity to the shooting victims. 

The sad part is, Trump Jr.'s addled tweet not only shows lack of critical thinking skills, but also a callousness toward the victims just hours after another mass shooting. 

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