Trump Labels Media Companies As 'Failing' — Reports Show Otherwise

Looks like the president needs a brush up on his facts as most of his remarks about media outlets are baseless.

President Donald Trump’s relationship with media outlets in the country has been pretty sour. He has repeatedly addressed media networks as “failing.” 

From the “fake news” controversy to bullying Mika Brzezinski, Trump’s rapport with media outlets probably can't get much worse. He has invented many “creative” labels for news outlets, which include “failing CNN,” “low-rated ‘Morning Joe’” and “failing New York Times,” to name a few.

However, statistics show otherwise.

Donald Trump

Trump’s favorite “fake news” target is CNN. Unlike his claims, the network just enjoyed a 39 percent jump in it ratings for adults aged 25 to 54. According to Nielsen live-plus-same-day data, during the second quarter of this year, CNN averaged more than 1 million viewers during primetime.

MSNBC's “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski recently became the target of Trump in his typical crude and below-the-belt style after the president called Brzezinski “low I.Q. crazy Mika” and described her as “bleeding badly from a face lift.”

He also referred to the show as “low-rated ‘Morning Joe.’”

However, Nielsen reports reveal that the show has fared pretty well as it averaged just under 1 million viewers during the second quarter of this year. The figure lands MSNBC just behind Fox News in the morning news race.

The New York Times was also not spared from Trump’s vicious attacks. On various occasions he called the publication the “failing New York Times.” However, the company has seen a surge in subscriptions.

In May, the Times’ website exceeded 94 million unique users, which is a jump of 36 percent from last year. The overall revenue of the company was also up by 5 percent versus the same period in 2016 and landed at $399 million in the first quarter.

In a recent press conference, like many other media outlets, Trump also targeted BuzzFeed News and called it a “failing pile of garbage.”

According to comScore, in May, the news outlet saw an increase of 8 percent in unique users totaling over 80.1 million unique users. BuzzFeed also expanded in terms of different genres and introduced several other sub-brands on social media, including food-focused Tasty.

According to Bloomberg, the company is projecting $350 million in revenue this year.

Trump — who knows a thing or two about helming failing businesses — likes to spout lies and seems to think there are no consequences. It's clear he's trying to undermine the very entities, media companies, who expose his lies. 

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