Trump’s Lawyer Defends His Muslim Ban, Calls Islam ‘A Great Country’

Solicitor General Noel Francisco inexplicably calls Islam, a religion, “one of the greatest countries of the world.”


In an shocking case of ignorance, President Donald Trump’s lawyer, who was supposed to defend his controversial travel ban, called Islam a great country.

Apparently everyone but Solicitor General Noel Francisco knows that Islam is one of the largest religions of the world — not a country.

Francisco made this major blunder while defending Trump’s travel ban in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. He claimed Trump’s travel ban was not a Muslim ban because the president apparently praised Islam as “one of the greatest countries of the world.”

“Well, the president has made crystal clear on Sept. 25 that he had no intention of imposing the Muslim ban,” Francisco said. “He has made crystal clear that Muslims in this country are great Americans and there are many, many Muslim countries who love this country and he has praised Islam as one of the great countries of the world.”

Trump’s lawyer probably meant religion and not country, but even if that’s the case, the commander-in-chief is known for being openly vocal against Muslims. He wanted a total shutdown of Muslims from entering the country while he was campaigning.

That’s not exactly praising Muslims.

“It’s not surprising,” said Abed Ayoub, a policy director at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee while talking about Francisco’s mistake. “The way this administration, the way this president has spoken about Muslim countries has been very problematic and that goes all the way back to the campaign.”

Just last year, Trump made headlines for sharing anti-Muslim videos posted by the deputy leader of a British far-right group. Those videos were fake and Trump endorsed a fake anti-Muslim agenda but the White House did nothing to condemn the president or clarify his actions.

 People slammed Francisco on Twitter for his ignorance.







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