Here's Why Trump’s Lawyers Don’t Want Him To Talk To Robert Mueller

President Donald Trump's propensity to lie and speak off the cuff could have dire consequences, his legal team fears.

Mere weeks after President Donald Trump told reporters he was “looking forward” to speak to special counsel Robert Mueller regarding the ongoing probe into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, saying he would do so under oath, reports have surfaced about the president’s legal team imploring him to turn down the interview.

The reason: Trump’s lawyers are reportedly worried he won’t be able to keep his facts straight, given his well-documented habit of lying and exaggerating things to an extreme, which could very well lead to perjury — the last thing the administration needs right now.

As The New York Times reported, at least four sources familiar with the matter revealed Trump’s chief defense lawyer, John Dowd, is among those advising the president against sitting down with the special counsel. Mueller is said to be investigating if the Trump campaign colluded with Russian intelligence operatives to influence the election result or if the real-estate mogul played a role in drafting the misleading statement about the meeting between his son, Donald Trump Jr., and a Kremlin-linked lawyer in Trump Tower around the time he became the Republican nominee.

While the lawyers might not be able to get their way as the decision to appear before Mueller appears to be in Trump’s hands, the fact that the commander-in-chief’s own attorneys are afraid he could perjure himself speaks volume about the troublesome state of Trump’s presidency.

Also, if there was no collusion, as Trump and his cronies have been repeating on a loop, what are these lawyers so worried about?

It also raises one very important question: Should a man like Trump, who is famous for his penchant for lying, be really in charge of the highest office in the country?

As the sources explained, the legal team is now debating if Mueller would issue a grand jury subpoena to Trump, which would ultimately lead to a lengthy battle that would play out in the courts for weeks or even months. The lawyers are also concerned if the special counsel has the legal standing on some of the matters he is reportedly investigating.

Meanwhile, White House special counsel Ty Cobb is one of the few in the West Wing who believe the Trump administration should do everything in its power to cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

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