Trump Falsely Claims Russian Hacking Only Brought Up After He Won

President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to complain that the White House never addressed the Russian hacking claims before the election — even though they did.

President-elect Donald Trump used Twitter to post two complaints about the claim that Russian hacking influenced the U.S. presidential elections, alleging that nobody was talking about Russia until after he won. 

Trump seems to have forgotten that the White House did address the claims months ago — and that he also "joked" that Russia should hack Hillary Clinton's email.

First, he made a confusing (and false) claim that hackers have to be caught "in the act" and asked why it wasn't brought up before the election.

Then, Trump again called foul on the supposed unfairness that the hacking claims weren't made public until after he won the election.

Has he forgotten how he stood up and publicly said that he hoped Russia would hack Clinton during the election?

Trump is being incredibly dishonest by claiming that the Russian hacking concerns weren't raised until after he won — but time and time again, we have seen his followers believe his lies as undeniable facts.

The White House, intelligence officials, Clinton, and Trump all discussed concerns about Russian cyber-attacks long before votes were cast.

Many politicians are calling for Electoral College electors to be briefed on the Russian cyber concerns before casting their votes on Dec. 20. Others believe the government should move the election date out in light of these events. Some even want to see a whole new election cycle. All seem eager to seize this opportunity to sway the Electoral College, whose projected votes determined a win for Trump after he lost the popular vote.

If Russia did, in fact, influence the election, then electors should be fully aware of the significance of that interference before determining who will be our next president. 

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