Trump Brags His SOTU Drew Historically High Viewership. Fake News!

Apparently, President Donald Trump believes that his word is all it takes, and that none of us can Google the viewership of past SOTU addresses.

President Donald Trump has never been the best when it comes to audience sizes — or being faithful to facts. So it’s no wonder that when he talked about his State of the Union address, he tweaked the truth a bit to make it look like he isn’t tired of winning just yet.

On Thursday, Trump took to Twitter to brag about the 45.6 million people who watched his speech, claiming that his was the most viewed address ever.

“Thank you for all of the nice compliments and reviews on the State of the Union speech,” he said, adding that the address was “[d]elivered from the heart!”

While he might have meant that much, the part about the viewership rate of 45.6 million being “the highest number in history” was nothing but fabrication.

Promptly after the tweet went live, many people on Twitter reminded the president that just one day prior, ratings tracker Nielsen Company stated that his address had 2 million fewer viewers than President Barack Obama’s first SOTU. But Trump hasn’t lost the viewership game only to Obama. Even President George W. Bush’s first SOTU address grabbed the attention of 51.7 million, while President Bill Clinton’s first SOTU address drew in 45.8 million viewers.

Much like the Inauguration Day fiasco, Trump loves to inflate his numbers to seem more popular or more liked than the other presidents. Unfortunately, he will have to try harder next time if that’s the goal. And lying won’t cut it, as it’s 2018, and yes, Mr. President, we can Google.

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