Trump Says He Wasn’t Informed About Russian Threat in 2016 — He Was

"But, subsequently, certainly, particularly when we became more aware of the Russian cyber intrusions, both campaigns were advised of that."



President Donald Trump, in usual fashion, took to Twitter to complain about the Russian investigation — yet again.

This time around he used quotations from conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh, asking why the FBI never informed Trump of the Russian infiltration threats in the 2016 elections.

But, as matter of fact, Trump was indeed informed of the Russian threats.

Even though, this particular tweet came in the form of direct comments from Limbaugh, Trump himself has posed similar questions for quite some time, claiming he was never informed of the Russian threat during his election campaign.



However, Trump was informed of these threats, personally by senior U.S. intelligence officials in 2016.

A CNN source revealed Trump was particularly informed that “foreign adversaries including Russia” may try to meddle in his election campaign.

As of right now, the president seems to have lost all recollection of that particular briefing despite a 2017 readout by Justice Department officials to lawmakers for both parties related to the 2016 briefing on Republicans’ requests.

The warning must have also contained information regarding China. Trump himself has said many a times, multiple countries tried to meddle in the elections.

An NBC report from 2016 also claimed Trump was specifically told the Russian government was trying to influence the elections and was after the hack of the DNC email servers.

The former director of national intelligence James Clapper whose office prepared for the campaign-season briefings also confirmed Trump was informed about the Russian threat.

"Not knowing exactly what the FBI concerns were or what they knew, what the predicate was, it's kind of hard to say," Clapper said Sunday on CBS News' Face the Nation. "But, subsequently, certainly, particularly when we became more aware of the Russian cyber intrusions, both campaigns were advised of that."

CNN previously reported that Trump got the briefing on Aug. 17, 2016. A customary briefing was also offered to then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

Before the briefing, both parties opposed the other party’s candidate to learning the nation’s secrets.

CNN’s law enforcement analyst Josh Campbell said the briefings would have been interesting for Trump, since the FBI was also conducting a counter-intelligence investigation into his campaign.

"They likely would not be so specific as to outline the things they are seeing, because they don't want to blow their investigation," Campbell said. "But it is incumbent upon the intelligence community to provide both candidates with a baseline level of what the threat is and how to protect against those threats.”

Therefore, regardless of how many times Trump says he was not informed of the Russian threat in 2016, it is not possible he was not made aware of the Russian interference at any level at all.

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