Here Are 4 Trump Loyalists Who Have Ties With Russia

Michael Flynn’s resignation has drawn fresh questions about President Trump’s aides’ connections with Russia.

Following Michael Flynn’s resignation as national security adviser, serious questions arose about other Russian ties in the White House. Apparently, Flynn was not the only one; there are several other loyalists of President Donald Trump who also allegedly have ties with Russia.

One such Trump loyalist is Jack Kingston, who was the adviser to Trump during his election campaign. He visited Moscow recently to analyze the changing relationship between the two countries.

“Trump can look at sanctions. They’ve been in place long enough. Has the desired result been reached? He doesn’t have to abide by the Obama foreign policy. That gives him a fresh start,” he said during his visit.

Another Trump croney, Paul Manafort, who was a Trump campaign chair, arranged fake rallies against NATO during his political career. He also worked to put the Russian puppet regime at the head of Ukraine. He is allegedly still on the Russian payroll.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who is also known as “friend to Putin,” allegedly has a connection of decade and a half with Russia. During his confirmation hearing as secretary of state, many senators opposed him and asked him if he considers Putin to be a “war criminal.” He refused to answer the question.

When asked about lobbying efforts on behalf of Exxon against Russian sanctions, he said, “I have never lobbied against sanctions personally… to my knowledge, Exxon never directly lobbied against sanctions.”

However, the claim was later proved false.

Carter Page, Trump’s nominee for foreign policy adviser, is a harsh critic of U.S. policy. He also has a stake in Russian oil and gas interests which are worth millions. He has also been a frequent guest on Russian state media.

President Trump has been under fire for his close connections with Russia but, ever since Michael Flynn’s resignation, his aides’ connections with Vladimir Putin and Russia have drawn fresh questions.

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