Trump’s Failed Golf Course Cost Puerto Rican Taxpayers $33 Million

Trump got involved in a golf club that was already in bad shape and promised to turn it around. He didn’t and that cost Puerto Ricans almost $33 million.

Hurricane Maria in San Juan

Puerto Rico has suffered a huge setback after Hurricane Maria, a Category 4 storm, devastated the island nation.

Right now, 60 percent of Puerto Ricans don’t have access to drinking water. An estimated 80 percent of the island’s crops were devastated by the storm. Estimates for power to be fully restored in the worst hit areas are six months or even more. An aid package is expected to arrive no sooner than October which would be much too late for people who depend on insulin or oxygen tanks.

Also, the Caribbean island has a huge debt crisis, something that President Donald Trump quickly and callously pointed out.




But what the president failed to mention was that a significant amount of debt — almost $33 million — in Puerto Rico was contributed by him.

Yes, Trump cost the Puerto Rican taxpayers almost $33 million.

In 2008, Politifact reported, Trump got involved in a golf club that was already in bad shape and had lost $12 million in a single year due to poor management and a recession. Trump joined the enterprise — which he renamed to Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico — and promised he would straighten it out. But like many of Trump’s promises, he was unable to keep it and in 2015, the club filed a claim in bankruptcy court for $32.7 million.

The fund was paid by taxpayers’ money.

The Trump family has since tried to distance itself from the failure of the club and its debts and Eric Trump insists that putting Trump’s name on it was just a licensing agreement and they only “managed” the golf course.

However, Trump profited with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees for that licensing and management. Eric Trump also filed a bankruptcy claim for $927,000 for unpaid fees related to the club.



But it seems the president has more pressing problems (like bashing NFL players who kneel during the national anthem) than helping the Puerto Ricans reduce their debt crisis and get back on their feet.

Trump has said he will visit the island nation for the first time next week and claimed he received a lot of praise from Puerto Rican officials who are “so thankful for the job we are doing.”

Hmm. Very strange considering the fact Trump waited four days before acknowledging the terrible humanitarian crisis on the island via Twitter.

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