Donald Trump Is Already Violating The 'Blind Trust' Agreement

Despite promising to hand personal business operations over to his children, the president-elect recently attended a meeting with his Indian business partners.

As the next president of the United States, Donald Trump is yet to assume the enormous responsibilities that come with his role, but he is not giving the country much hope by already indulging in several enraging blunders.

After having his eldest daughter, Ivanka, attend his historic meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump seems to again have tried to blur the lines between the personal and the professional.

He recently met with a group of Indian investors, thus violating rules that dictate him to separate his personal matters from his role as the commander in chief of America. It also violated the "blind trust" agreement, where Trump promised to handover his business operations to his three eldest children – Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Business meetings like this could obviously lead to conflicts of interest with his role as president, which requires him to be impartial. Such deals cannot be ignored as they might drive Trump's decision, and subsequently, the balance of power in South Asia.

The investors posted a photo on Twitter, which showed the jubilant billionaire and his Indian investors making the thumbs-up sign at the camera.

The caption read, "Atul & Sagar Chordia, Kalpesh Mehta meets U S President Mr Donald Trump at Trump Towers New York office just now."

As the Raw Story reports,  Trump's spokesperson, Breanna Butler, has clarified that the investors only swung by to congratulate the president-elect on his big election victory.

However, Kalpesh Mehta, one of the business partners, told an Indian publication, Economic Times, that Trump discussed expanding his brand name in India with his son Trump Jr., who was also in attendance, and expressed a desire to penetrate the Indian market.

The former reality TV star also allegedly discussed his other business ambitions in India, which include five luxury projects.

Butler refused to respond to any questions regarding whether Trumps' commercial aspirations were discussed during the meeting.

With each passing day, it seems more and more unlikely that Trump would be able to successfully demarcate boundaries between his business and his presidency.

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