Trump Says Melania Is Smart Because She Fake Praises Him

“How smart is that? I don’t know if she believes it, but she said, ‘There’s nothing that can take your place… ’How smart is she? How smart. How smart.”


President Donald Trump is notorious for deviating from the topic on hand whenever he takes to stage and it appears he has done it again.

The rally in South Carolina which was being held in support of South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (R) changed its course to become a Trump advertisement after the POTUS used it support his policies in a rambling speech. He did the same to Rick Saccone.

As all Trump speeches are, this one was just as bizarre as they come. However, things took a rather embarrassing turn when Trump decided to praise his wife’s intelligence.

Incoherently repeating “how smart is she?” a couple of times, the U.S. president said his wife told him, “no one could take your place,” even though she may not have believed.

“And the one who knew was my wife. She said you know –” he paused as the audience applauded Melania. “She’s very smart. She said, ‘you know there’s nobody that can take your place, don’t you?’ I said, ‘Thank you, darling.’ How smart is that? I don’t know if she believes it, but she said, ‘There’s nothing that can take your place. He will not be successful. There’s nobody, darling, that can take your place?’ How smart is she? How smart. How smart,” he said.

Whether this was Trump’s attempt at being humorous or if he genuinely thought he was complimenting his wife with this peculiar monologue still remains a mystery.

He also delved into the media’s speculation of the first lady’s prolonged absence after she was admitted to the hospital for a kidney procedure.

In true Trump fashion, he used the stage to take shots at the media, all the while ignoring the man the rally was being held for.

Melania made headlines after she wore a tone-deaf jacket which read “I don’t care, do u?” as she went to visit migrant children at the U.S. border.

The FLOTUS’ incredibly offensive choice in clothing was defended by her husband when he clarified the message was meant for the media and not for the kids. Yet, it is not like the first lady is short on jackets or time to take a jab at the media, thus her timing to wear that particular jacket felt increasingly unnecessary and inhumane and certainly not an act of someone who is “very smart.”

Not only that, Melania has previously been accused of plagiarizing former first lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Republican National Convention in 2016.

Journalist Jarrett Hill pointed out on Twitter, a portion of Melania Trump's speech, in which she talked about parenting values, was strikingly similar to the address the first lady gave at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

However, if Trump says she is the smartest, she must be.

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