Trump Will Let Innocent Children Wail As Long As He Gets His Wall

Trump wants to cash in on the trauma of migrant children to get money for his wall.

migrant children

Thanks to the Trump administration's policy of separating families at the border, hundreds, maybe thousands, of children will have to live with the trauma of being forcibly removed from their parents, most likely for the rest of their lives.

Most of these children witnessed violence in their home countries, such as Guatemala and Honduras. They were driven from their homes and upon reaching the United States were snatched from their parents. Then they are forced to live in prison-like detention centers. This kind of trauma, experts say, can adversely affect the development of the brain, which, in turn, could give birth to other problems such as mental illness and/or substance abuse.

There are images and videos of children wailing, while asking for their parents. The scenes recorded at detention centers are gut-wrenching.

However, this distress is exactly what Trump wants — in order to build his wall.

On June 15, Trump said he hated "children being taken away" from their parents and then pinned the blame on Democrats.

"The Democrats have to change their law — that's their law," he said.

It's not. It's nobody's law, actually, because there is no such law that allows federal officials to snatch babies or children from their parents' arms.

Quite contrary to what Trump suggested, Republicans and not Democrats have the authority to stop the separations.

A Democrat-backed bill is in the pipeline that would ban the separation of migrant families, with the exception of cases involving  abuse, but Senate Republicans have essentially declined to endorse it, citing the reason that criminals would then take advantage of it.

But is that really the only reason?

Not quite.

On June 18, Attorney-General Jeff Sessions said the border policy wouldn't exist if Congress passes legislation to build a wall on the Mexican border.

“President Trump has said this cannot continue. We do not want to separate parents from their children," Sessions told the National Sheriffs' Association annual conference.

"If we build the wall, if we pass legislation to end the lawlessness, we won’t face these terrible choices.”

This essentially means the Trump administration can put an end to the wails of children separated from their parents.

They just won't do it — unless Democrats agree to the building of Trump's long-desired wall with Mexico.

This surely sounds like a hostage situation. In fact, it is a hostage situation.

Trump is willing to let innocent children undergo trauma to fulfill his dream of building a wall.

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