Trump And Netanyahu's Relationship Spells Disaster For Palestinians

President Trump and Prime Minster Netanyahu's relationship isn’t only worrying just for Palestine but also for the rest of the world.

President Donald Trump's relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is very questionable. The two world leaders came together in a friendly mood at the White House, however, their intentions may be very worrying.

Soon after Trump assumed office, Netanyahu backed off promises he made during former President Barack Obama’s presidency. One such issue is the two-state policy between Israel and Palestine, which the prime minister supported, but now he opposes it.

During a press conference with Trump, he said it clearly the two-nation policy is not possible until Palestine recognizes the Jewish State and that they must stop calling for Israel’s destruction. He also said until Palestinians accept the prerequisites for peace, such a policy can’t be implemented.   

The United Nations passed a resolution illegalizing the Israeli settlements on Palestinian land but that resolution took a back seat since Trump took office.

In fact, he just recently ordered the destruction of a Palestinian village to establish a Jewish only settlement. The village was destroyed without giving prior notice to people to even gather their belongings.

Soon after Trump’s victory, Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Education Minister, said it was a good time for Israel to announce that the era of Palestinian state is over.

The leaders’ relationship is not only worrying for Palestine but it may be problematic for the rest of the world as Trump and his administration has been using Israel’s discriminatory policies to justify the Mexico border wall.

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