Trump On Racial Slur Claim: I Don't Have That Word In My Vocabulary

Omarosa claimed the person who has the tape with a recording of Trump using racial slurs belonged to someone from the production staff of “The Apprentice.”


A day after Omarosa Manigault Newman released a voice recording of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly firing her from the White House she appeared on MSNBC and confirmed that President Donald Trump had in fact used racial slurs for African-American people.

In an interview with Chris Matthews, Manigault Newman said that Trump used racial slurs and someone from the production team of “The Apprentice” had a tape which showed POTUS using racial slurs for black people before the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

“The person with the tape used to be a part of the production staff for ‘The Apprentice,’” she said, explaining the person actually thought it was his responsibility to document Trump to expose his racist behavior.

When Matthews asked her if the source who recorded this video was a Democrat, she said she didn’t have information regarding the person’s political affiliation.

Manigault Newman explained Tony McClain, a former contestant from “The Apprentice” played the tape for her in the White House, where Trump can be seen using racial slurs at African-American people on the show.

Newman claimed she had already heard of Trump’s racism while she was serving his administration during the presidential campaign.

“I didn’t discover it until the fall of the campaign in 2016, when a producer, Bill Pruitt, came out and he tweeted that Donald Trump had said some very horrible things. Racist things and some things about Jewish people,” she said adding that the campaign then had a conference call about this matter.

She accepted that initially she had dismissed the claims. “My first reaction to it was this can’t be true. This is somebody I’ve known since 2003,” Manigault Newman said.

In her book she claimed she never actually heard Trump using racial slurs, however, now after hearing the tape, her views have changed.

Soon after the interview, Trump slammed his former aide, calling her whacky and demented. He also claimed no tapes existed where he can be seen using racial slurs, because, apparently, racist terms aren’t in his vocabulary.



Trump keeps saying he is not racist. However, all these claims are anything but true. The president reportedly referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” during a closed meeting on immigration.

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