Trump On Hillary In 2008: 'She’d Make A Great President'

Transcripts from the Trump University deposition have brought to light a statement in which Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton would be a "great president."

Just in case you needed another reason not to vote the orange-faced goon into the Oval Office this November, the recently released transcripts from the Trump University deposition have brought to light a very interesting tidbit.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that in 2008, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee actually endorsed Hillary Clinton for president on his Trump University blog. He stated that he knows Hillary and that she would “make a great president or vice-president.”

hillary clinton

Surprisingly, his campaign management has not removed the page, which was used as evidence by prosecutors in the case for “undermining his credibility.”

The transcripts of the Trump University deposition held in December and January were released by Judge Orlando Curiel last week.

Trump reportedly explained to the court that he was just trying to butter up the Clintons back then because “when you’re in business, you would like to have politicians on your side.” Or, he could just become a politician?

As the Union-Tribune explains, this may only be the beginning of Trump having to eat his words regarding just how “great” he thinks Clinton is. The videos of Trump attesting in court may soon surface.

But, whether or not the videos will be released is still up in the air as a legal battle over doing so is currently pending.

As the campaign continues, Trump will be forced to reconcile his former endorsement of Hillary, which will be particularly amusing considering that sending her to jail has been a recurring thread in his campaign against her. 

Photo Credit: Reuters

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