Twitter Hilariously Trolls Trump After He Deems Himself 'Mr. Brexit'

Donald Trump posted a confusing tweet today saying that he will soon be called Mr. Brexit and he didn’t further elaborate on social media as to why.

Donald Trump’s latest bizarre stunt is putting Brexit back on the list of hot topics.

The Republican presidential candidate posted a tweet Thursday saying that “They will soon be calling me Mr. Brexit,” without further explaining himself online, Raw Story reported.

His cryptic message went viral and caused a frenzy on social media, leaving the public to wonder why he said that and ponder if he plans on ceasing his run for office.

Brexit is short for “British exit” and refers to the vote earlier this year that approved for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. 

As many of us may remember, Trump publicly supported the Brexit decision and said it would benefit his businesses.

The Republican candidate is trailing behind Hillary Clinton in recent national polls, so he could be planning some sort of recovery.

We hope that his tweet means Trump is giving up his presidential campaign and leaving politics for good. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Jonathan Ernst

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