Trump Paid His Businesses $3M In Home Stretch Of Campaign

According to Federal Election Commission filings, Donald Trump paid his own businesses nearly $3 million in the days before and after the election.

Evidence of Donald Trump’s duplicity keeps pouring in, as The Huffington Post reported that the president-elect paid his own organization a total of $2.9 million in the days preceding, and following, his election.

Throughout his campaign, Trump claimed he was “self-funding” his campaign and was thus not indebted to special interest groups or lobbyists. But that turned out to be empty rhetoric.

According to The Atlantic, what Trump actually did was build a major fundraising operation with donors and super PACs, who pumped in five- and six-figure donations to propel him toward the nomination.

Prior to that, the primary source of income for the campaign was the sales from his trademark, “Make America Great Again” hats and other souvenirs.

Once the donor cash stared to come in, he began to funnel that money into his own properties by staging campaign events and using his own airplane to travel around the country, although considerably cheaper alternatives were available.

The Post reported that according to Federal Election Commission filings released on Thursday that cover the six weeks from Oct. 20 to Nov. 28, Trump spent $13,015 at his Miami golf club, and $176,933 at Trump’s hotel in Las Vegas.

At the same time, Trump Tower in Manhattan received a staggering $462,011 in rent, including $283,500 on Nov. 28, which according to the Post, is nearly $114,000 more than the campaign had previously paid for the campaign headquarters for the last several months.

In total, Trump was able to direct $12 million back to his businesses during the entire campaign.

Donald Trump with his children

Truth be told, there were only two occasions in which Trump spent his own money on the campaign. The first was when he kicked off his campaign back in June 2015, and the second came earlier this year with an injection of $38 million at a time when it appeared the Republican establishment might thwart his nomination.  

In the second presidential debate, Trump boasted that by the end of the election season, he would have spent $100 million of his own money in his campaign.

USA Today reported that in the last days of the campaign, Trump pumped a further $10 million into his campaign, but even that brought his total personal expenditure to just more than $66 million, far short of his $100 million claim.

Clearly, he didn’t need the money as he won the presidency with almost $8 million left in his coffers.

If there’s one thing that would be quintessentially Trump, it’s profiting off of running for president. And that’s exactly what he did. 

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