Uncharitable Trump Plans Charitable Donation For Royal Wedding

Most of the past charitable donations Trump has made were mysteriously untraceable. It is yet to be seen whether charity for royal wedding will be any different.

The highly-anticipated royal wedding is just around the corner and political figures– even those not invited to the one of the most exclusive events of the world – are nevertheless sending gifts to Prince Harry and his bride-to-be, actress Meghan Markle.

However, the royal couple, poised to tie the knot at Windsor Castle in England, requested wedding guests and well-wishers to make donations to charities instead of giving them extravagant gifts.

Following the recommendation, the Trumps, who have also not been invited, have reportedly decided to make charitable donation in honor of the royal nuptials on May 19.

“President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will be making a contribution to one of the 7 charities the royal couple has designated in lieu of gifts,” said Lindsay Walters, a spokeswoman for the White House.

Kensington Palace announced last month the couple had specified seven charities that focus on homelessness, children inflicted with HIV, women’s empowerment, the children of fallen military veterans, marine conservation and wilderness preservation.

However, Walters didn’t explicitly mention which of the seven charities the POTUS and FLOTUS would be donating to or the amount they plan to contribute to these organizations.

However, considering the shady history of the commander-in-chief in regard to the donations he claimed he made, one cannot be sure if the royal couple’s charities are going to get any amount from him.

After the tragic 9/11 terrorist attack, Trump boasted he donated small portion of his wealth for the recovery efforts.

However, the New York City Comptroller’s Office’s comprehensive research failed to find any evidence of the commander-in-chief’s donations to 9/11 charities as per his assertions–except for a single personal donation he made between 2008 and 2016.

Their investigation found that Trump, in all probable cause, had been lying through his teeth about his generous donations of $8.5 million over the past 15 years.

Moreover, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which became the center of maelstrom in wake of the accusations of making political contributions and indulging in self-dealing practices to benefit Trump along with his family and businesses, also shut down last year.

One of the notorious example of the ways Trump allegedly used his charity to benefit himself is the fact he reportedly spent $20,000 of the charity money on a 6-foot tall portrait – of himself.

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