Trump Proposes Immigrant ‘Ideology Test’ For His War Against Terrorism

Donald Trump addressed a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, regarding his plan to overhaul the immigration system using hardline tactics against foreign Muslims.


On Monday, while addressing his supporters at a Youngstown State University rally in Ohio, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took his proposed “Muslim ban” one step further in a ploy to woo Islamophobic voters.

He suggested a “military, cyber, and financial” war, but didn’t really elaborate on his military plans. Instead, he sowed more tension and promoted a disregard for the United States constitution.  

While outlining his plan to defeat Islamic terrorism, Trump discussed how he would propose an “extreme vetting” system and an “ideological test” to prevent radicals from entering the United States as immigrants.

BBC summarized the main points of his argument for eliminating Islamic extremism. Unsurprisingly, Trump proposed suggestions which were undemocratic and founded in Islamophobia and xenophobia.

Trump promised to keep Guantánamo Bay prison open, to ban immigration from countries designated as harboring terrorists, to require an ideology test for new immigrants, to initiate a presidential commission to investigate radical Islam and terrorism, and to build alliances with countries fighting against terrorism, including enemy of the state, Russia. Furthermore, whereas Trump had previously rendered NATO obsolete, he vowed to work with the group after receiving critical backlash from the Republican Party.

Trump stated, “The time is overdue to develop a new screening test.” He did not backtrack on his controversial Muslim ban. He said that his administration would “temporarily suspend immigration” from known terrorist countries, namely ones “that have a history of exporting terrorism.” No specific countries were named, however.  

He also explained that he wanted to promote a better way of life in the Middle East through “amplifying [the] voices” of “women, gays, and people of different beliefs.” Yet, this claim comes from the same man who has continuously condemned freedom of the press, speech, and religion through his reckless speeches.

His anti-Muslim rhetoric has drawn repeated comparisons to the misguided communist-hunter Joseph McCarthy, albeit the hardline legacy of the Wisconsin senator remains to this day. 

Banner photo credit: Reuters

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