Trump Might Not Get Presidency, But He Could Have His Own TV Channel

Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is already making plans for the TV personality to start his own channel in the wake of his presidential loss.

As if Donald Trump's campaign wasn't enough of an egotistical reality show, it looks like the perpetual TV personality is already looking past a loss in November and trying to figure out how to stay in the spotlight. Forget Trump Steaks and Trump University, put your hands together for Trump TV.

Jared Kushner, son-in-law to Trump, apparently has been reaching out to friend and Lion Tree banker Aryeh Bourkoff with the idea for a channel dedicated to Trump, which begs the question, "Just how much attention does this guy need?" According to an insider, Lion Tree was not interested in getting involved, but that does not mean Trump won't keep trying to pursue fame through his own TV channel.

Incredibly, Trump originally ran his campaign by NBC Universal Chief Officer Steve Burke with the intention of continuing to film his role on the "Apprentice" from the Oval Office. Trump's commitment to his image and his branding above all else should make voters question Trump's dedication to the position of president of the United States. 

Trump's supposed craving for the spotlight and the rumors of a Trump TV launch have actually been making some people wonder if the GOP candidate's entire campaign has been nothing more than a media scheme as hints about Trump TV have been circulating for months.

So what kind of programs could voters hope to enjoy on Trump TV? Perhaps a special segment dedicated to a loving description of the size and quality of the septuagenarian's hands or an insider look into the man's totally creepy family dynamics? Maybe Trump TV will feature a real-time countdown of all the women who have now accused Trump of sexual assault. The creative possibilities are endless.

Despite Trump TV rumors, the Financial Times reports that cable companies are "cutting cords" due to declining viewership and would be unlikely to take on an entirely new channel. In addition to the struggles of the industry, Trump, who is generally believed to be a kind of ratings demigod, may not actually even be that much of a draw. While record numbers of viewers did watch Trump during the primaries, the GOP convention suffered a devastating drop in viewership. In the final weeks leading up to the general election, the margin between Trump and his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton has expanded to a comfortable 12 points.

Trump himself has denied the claim that he and his campaign are pursuing the idea of a media company. 

Banner image credit: Reuters

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