Republicans Trying To Gut Obamacare Inundated By Furious Voters

Obamacare defenders called out Republican lawmakers for supporting President Donald Trump’s order to repeal the health care law.

President Donald Trump's administration plans to take down Obama’s legacy, rolling back the Affordable Care Act. But many voters aren't having it.

Republican politicans faced anger after defenders of Obamacare erupted at town halls across the country.

Diane Black of Tennessee and Reps. Jason Chaffetz of Utah each met with an uproar of loud emotions by passionate Affordable Care Act defenders.

In the heated environment, Mike Carlson, a 32-year-old student from Antioch, Tennessee, said that he was overweight and depended on Obamacare to stay alive.


“I have to have coverage to make sure I don’t die. There are people now who have cancer that have that coverage, that have to have that coverage to make sure they don’t die,” Carlson said. “And you want to take away this coverage — and have nothing to replace it with! How can I trust you to do anything that’s in our interest at all?” he said.

An emotional teacher in the crowd, Jessi Bohon, asked why sick people are people being punished.


“As a Christian, my whole philosophy in life is pull up the unfortunate,” Bohon said, a comment that drew cheers from others in the room. “The individual mandate: that’s what it does. The healthy people pull up the sick,” she said.

Bohon inquired how Congress can justify “punishing (the) sickest people.”

Black responded that Obamacare’s individual mandate also included many young and healthy people without coverage.

“About 20 million people did actually come into the program who were uninsured,” Black commented.

“You don’t want to hurt one group of people to help the another. We can help both groups at the same time.”

Bohon hit back and asked, “How many of those people were in states where they played a political game with people’s lives?”

Black, who appeared a little disturbed at that time, decided to pass the question. While exiting the event, the furious crowd booed the Republican representative. It didn’t seem like she cared. 

Both Carlson and Bohon, who asked hard hitting questions, were Clinton supporters.

The GOP chairman of the House oversight committee, Jason Chaffetz, also faced similar backlash in his Utah district. At one point he tried to shelter himself under the new hiring of Betsy Devos as education secretary, “I want to get rid of Betsy DeVos!" he said.

"We want to get rid of you!" criticized a man in the crowd

However unlike Black, Chaffetz was a little successful in calming the crowd, assuring that he wanted to hear their concerns. 

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