Trump Said He'd Give Americans Jobs, Instead Hires 78 Foreign Workers

Despite pledges to create more domestic jobs for Americans, Donald Trump has applied for foreign work visas for his hospitality staff in Florida.

Throughout Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, he has remained steadfast in his promises to curb immigration in order to secure more jobs for United States citizens.

On Trump’s campaign website, he outright pledges to “Reclaim millions of American jobs.”  He explained that he will do this by ending outsourced operations such as sweatshops which are “stealing jobs from American workers.”

Even just last week at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Trump again promised that he would restore job security for Americans. He said, “I’m going to bring our jobs back to Ohio and Pennsylvania and New York and Michigan and all of America.”

However, despite these promises to “reclaim” the domestic labor force by creating more opportunities for U.S. nationals, he has petitioned for 78 temporary work visas for staff members of two of his Florida properties.

These staff positions at his homes include low-skill, low-wage hospitality roles such as house-keeping, cooking, and serving. In order to successfully apply for this type of visa, Trump had to provide evidence that these positions were unable to be filled by Americans.

His hypocrisy is tangible. An official at a career services agency nearby the Trump estates in Florida recently told Buzzfeed that there were “hundreds of people in our database that would qualify for a lot of these hospitality jobs.” In fact, the job agency has 1,327 Palm Beach County residents listed as actively searching for this line of work.

What’s even more deplorable of this character is that last year he said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that “you can’t get help. Getting help in Palm Beach during the season is almost impossible.” For a presidential candidate who is supposedly representing all-American, working-class values to voters, openly talking about this “help” is a reminder of how far removed the aristocrat really is from mainstream America who clean their own homes and cook their own food. 


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