Trump Says Orrin Hatch Called Him Best President Ever. Hatch Disagrees

President Donald Trump said Sen. Orin Hatch told him he is a better president than Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.



President Donald Trump may not be good at being president, but he is certainly fond of gloating about what a fantastic job (he thinks) he’s doing. The self-branded “stable genius” is known to exaggerate about everything, be it the decline in African-American unemployment rate, his tax cuts reform or even the crowd size at his inauguration.

Recently speaking to the Congressional Republicans at their annual retreat in West Virginia, the commander-in-chief once again bragged about the things his administration has supposedly accomplished in the past year. Then, in order to prove his point, the former reality TV star decided to share a slightly hard-to-believe anecdote where a long-serving Republican senator compared him to the likes of presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

“I want to thank senator, finance chairman and a very spectacular man, Orrin Hatch. Where is Orrin?” the president began. “Orrin is — I love listening to him speak. He said once, I am the single greatest president in his lifetime. He’s young, so that’s not saying much.”

For those who might not remember, Hatch is an 83-year-old Utah Republican who once made headlines for saying he was reluctant to help sick children from low-income families because they “won’t lift a finger” to help themselves.

“He actually once said I’m the greatest president in the history of our country,” Trump continued, smiling widely. “I said, ‘Does that include Lincoln and Washington?’ He said yes. I love this guy!”

Needless to say, it was a horrific comparison. However, it didn’t take long for Hatch to shoot down the real estate mogul’s boastful statement.

As it turns out, Hatch told Trump he can be the greatest president — not “is.”

“Senator Hatch has said that he would like to work with the president to make this the greatest presidency in history for the American people,” senator’s spokesman, Matt Whitlock, told The Wrap.

When asked if Hatch did not call him the greatest, Whitlock replied, “No he did not.”


Of course, social media denizens had a lot to say about Trump’s latest gaffe:




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