Trump On Sessions: 'I Wish' I Picked Someone Else For Attorney General

Within a Twitter rant on Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump tore into Attorney General Jeff Sessions, expressing regret over his appointment.

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President Donald Trump attacked a member of his own cabinet, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in a Twitter rant Wednesday morning, suggesting he regretted the choice to appoint him to the position in the first place.

Trump quoted Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina) in his tweets, which centered around Sessions and his decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation that’s inching ever closer to the president’s circle day-by-day. Trump quoted Gowdy, even though the lawmaker himself has been critical of the president’s attacks against the investigation.

In his tweets, Trump cited Gowdy as saying, among many other things, that “[t]here are a lot of good lawyers in this country, [Trump] could have picked somebody else.”

“And I wish I did!” Trump added.

This all goes back to the Russia inquiry, which is looking into possible collusion efforts between Trump’s campaign and the Kremlin, as well as potential obstruction of justice charges against the president himself.

Sessions recused himself in 2017 from overseeing the FBI investigation, currently led by special counsel Robert Mueller, because of conflicts of interest that arose within it. Since the inquiry is looking into figures from Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign — of which, Sessions was a part, and during which he made contacts with Russian dignitaries — it’d be a major conflict of interest for the attorney general to play a role in it.

Sessions’ recusal meant that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (whom Trump has tried to cast doubts upon as well) took the lead on overseeing the investigation, which upsets the president since he can’t directly influence Sessions to steer the course of the probe away from him.

The latest tweets from Trump signal that the president remains angry with Sessions over his decision to recuse over a year ago. Holding onto a grudge that long can only mean that Trump is feeling continued pressure from the investigation.

Trump is getting nervous and lashing out in ways that make it painfully obvious he’s feeling as much. 

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