Trump Suggests Immigrants Are Like Rats, Says They Are 'Infesting' US

President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday that undocumented immigrants are "infest[ing] our Country." His words draw scary comparisons to other authoritarians.

President Donald Trump waves to reporters.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday tweeted out his insistence on stopping the flow of immigration into the United States, using language that was questionable at its best, and blatantly racist at its worst.

Trump tweeted out that “Democrats are the problem,” alluding to his lies blaming the Democratic Party for his administration's policy of separating immigrants from their children at the United States border. But as concerning as that repeated lie is, Trump’s next line in the tweet should set off alarm bells.

“[Democrats] don’t care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country...,” the president wrote.

Suggesting that immigrants “infest our Country,” Trump is using some very disconcerting language, to put it mildly. Indeed, some political observers noted that the word was once used by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler to describe Jews in Germany during his rise to power.

Trump’s racism has been widely documented. But just because we already know Trump harbors racist sentiments doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to call him out over new statements or actions he takes that are also racist.

It appears that Trump’s policy of stripping children from the arms of immigrant parents is rooted, at least in part, in the president’s own bigotry. Lawmakers in Washington must put an end to that policy and rebuke Trump’s attempts to perform this and other heinous actions in the future.

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