Donald Trump Launches All-Out Attack On New York Times

The deteriorating relationship between The New York Times and Donald Trump just took on a new level of dysfunction because Trump can't handle the truth about his campaign — and himself.

The New York Times published a scathing piece on Trump, "Inside the Failing Mission to Tame Trump’s Tongue," which discusses Trump’s "free-style" bigoted attacks on a Gold Star family, a Hispanic federal judge, and the POTUS, even after a supposed "intervention" from his daughter Ivanka.

The article argues that Trump is in a dark place of his own creation, and he cannot be salvaged.

In response, Trump has launched an all-out offensive against NYT. In true Trump-style, he fired off a tweet disparaging the Times.


At a rally in Fairfield, Connecticut, on Saturday, Trump said that the "newspaper is going to to hell." As he boomed at the podium, he declared war against the "crooked" media. He also mused over pulling the credentials of the, in his words, hell-bound publication.


"Maybe we'll start thinking about taking away their press credentials," he said. "When they write dishonest stories we should be a little bit tough." 

The crowd applauded at this possibility of curbing media rights.

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This is not the first time Trump has denied — or threatened to deny — media credentials to a news outlet. There is, in fact, a notorious "blacklist," consisting of all newsrooms too unfair and crooked to be able to cover Trump’s rallies objectively. This includes BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast and the prestigious Washington Post.

The Daily Beast was shunned after it published a piece last year on the rape allegations the nominee's ex-wife Ivana made. The left-leaning Huffington Post was never a Trump favorite. Reporters from these outlets continue to cover Trump’s rallies without press credentials.

As bad as it may be, pulling press credentials from popular news organizations just goes to show how press freedom would be if Trump becomes the president.

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