Trump Tells Drought-Stricken Californians 'There Is No Drought'

The presumptive Republican nominee rolls out yet another absurd conspiracy theory against the Obama administration.

Donald Trump has thrown his entire weight behind a campaign that will destruct itself or end the world as we know it. And if it means claiming, without any scientific evidence, that a drought that has ravaged an entire state does not exist, then so be it.

This is the fifth consecutive year that California finds itself in the throes of a drought that threatens the existence of the agricultural sector. Some farmers believe the drought results from the government diverting rivers that water the state, into the sea.

The water that flows into the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, and then onward to San Francisco Bay and then the ocean, has stirred a lot of controversy in recent years — some claim the water cuts for the state are channeled to nurture the endangered fish, the Delta smelt.


Drought-stricken Californian farmers had to abandon more than a million acres of farmland uncultivated last year.

Speaking at a rally in Fresno, Donald Trump sided with the farmers who are convinced the government was favoring a "3-inch fish" over an entire state.

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Without presenting any evidence, the presumptive GOP nominee claimed the five-year drought was nothing but an elaborate hoax.

“They’re taking the water and shoving it out to sea,” the business mogul exclaimed. "There is no drought."

He also claimed, without elaboration in usual Trump-style, that he has won many "rewards and awards" for his support of environmental causes.

“If I win, believe me, we’re going to start opening up the water, so that you can have your farmers survive so that your job market will get better,” the reality TV personality said to loud cheers and applause.

This should serve as another red flag for America. Trump regularly uses controversies and crises for political leverage to further his own ugly political agenda.

He does not want to see the migrant crises resolved or the drought come to an end, as long as he can use other people's misery for political gain.

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