Trump Campaign Introduces Real Logos For Imaginary Space Force

The Trump administration proposed cuts to education, food stamps and housing. But it has billions of dollars for what is an objectively absurd and unnecessary concept.

In March, while addressing troops at Miramar Marine Corp Air Station in San Diego, President Donald Trump floated the idea of a "space force."

At the time, many believed, as ridiculous as it was, the suggestion was perhaps put forward in jest.

As it turns out, it wasn't.

The Trump administration is quite serious about creating a new military arm for outer space, according to Vice President Mike Pence. He just said the government will soon call on Congress to allocate a staggering budget of $8 billion over the next five years to combat, what he referred to as “the growing security threats emerging in space”.

What a time to be alive.

In a country where the president has proposed a $3.7 billion cut in education grants, $17 billion in cuts to food stamps, and $6.6 billion in cuts to housing and urban development, and $1.4 trillion in Medicaid cuts, the same administration is planning to pour billions of dollars in an idea that is absurd for a number of fairly obvious reasons, including the fact the U.S. Air Force already has a Space Command and a space force.

Also, there's NASA.

However, considering the Trump team's little to no regard for facts and figures, it does not come as a surprise the president is going to continue with what is an objectively foolish pursuit.

In fact, Brad Pascale, who is Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign manager, has emailed supporters six options for space force logos to supporters, asking them to vote for the best one.

“President Trump wants a space force – a groundbreaking Endeavour for the future of America and the final frontier,” wrote Pascale.

While it's not clear if the administration actually plans on adopting the winning logo for the impending sixth branch of the U.S. military, it would be used on the merchandize the campaign intends on selling soon.

So, for now, Trump supporters will spend money on for real merchandize for an imaginary concept.

Does it make any sense?


Does it matter?

Only time will tell.

Thankfully, there are still some sane voices that are constantly reminding the world of the absurdity of it.





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