Trump Shares Strange G20 Slideshow Set To 'MAGA' Anthem

The slideshow showing happy moments with the president and world leaders during the G20 summit in Germany was set to an odd choir-led MAGA anthem.


President Donald Trump's presence during the latest G20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany, was met with a great deal of criticism, but the president wasn't going to let critics rain on his parade.

Instead, Trump seized the opportunity to showcase some of the most “memorable” moments of the event in a two-minute slideshow shared on Twitter featuring Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Justin Trudeau, Narendra Modi, and several others accompanied by a “Make America Great Again” hymn sung by a choir. What's worse, the video also featured the president's eldest daughter, Ivanka, sitting in for her father just a few weeks after having claimed she prefers to stay “out of politics.”

In the awkward web video, we are able to see several photographs of Trump shaking hands, talking to some of the world leaders in attendance, and even having some laughs. Unfortunately for the president, not even this extraordinary effort was able to save him from scrutiny.

Showing his unwillingness to compromise with international leaders, the president was called out by news outlets in America for being out of step with the rest of the world. According to the Washington Post, Trump remained “an unpredictable force on the world stage and an outlier among longtime American partners” during the event. Perhaps, that might be part of the reason why the president shared this video in the first place.

To The Guardian, the choral soundtrack used for the production seems to echo Trump's message of cultural nationalism, making it appropriate in the G20 meeting context as the president seemed unwilling to budge when discussing many of the concerns brought up by other world leaders.

With lyrics that ask viewers to “lift the torch of freedom/all across the land,” the anthem used in this short production seems like an attempt at turning Trump's visit to Germany into an uplifting event. But what the president and his team simply cannot do is ignore the already widely shared reports regarding his visit's shortcomings.

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