Carmen Cruz, Mayor of San Juan Is A “Godsend” For Puerto Ricans

The president was quick to accuse the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Cruz for a lack of leadership ability, but that didn’t stop her from helping Hurricane Maria victims.

The mayor of San Juan became a voice for the people of Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico and its people. Carmen Cruz pleaded President Donald Trump to send aid and basic necessities to the flood ravaged victims and save them of dying.

However, instead of helping those who lost everything with this catastrophe. Trump instead made it all about himself once again, and slammed Cruz on Twitter.




But that didn’t stop the mayor from helping those suffering, despite the fact that her house was flooded owing to the natural calamity, she kept assisting people in nursing homes. One of her pictures walking in waist-deep floodwaters with a loudspeaker in her hand went viral, when she spotted a victim in a canoe and helped him out.


Cruz also slammed the delayed aid services being sent to Hurricane Maria victims, victims of Harvey and Irma had received aid from federal workers, but the situation in Puerto Rico is completely different. “I recognize the good heart that the (Federal Emergency Management Agency) people have. They want to help. But they just don’t have the resources,” she said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

The mayor, who is believed to be a “Godsend” among the Puerto Ricans, developed an interest in politics at a very young age.

She had left the island to pursue Bachelors in political sciences from Boston University, followed by a master's in public management and policy at Carnegie Mellon.

She returned back to the island after 12 years, and paved her way in politics. She first became an adviser to Sila María Calderón, a San Juan mayor who later became Puerto Rico's only female governor.

And later in 2000, she ran for a seat in Puerto Rico's House of Representatives. She lost that race, but in 2008 she ran again and won.

Currently she is winning over the hearts of the people who are exhausted with no aid, food, electricity and basic necessities.

Trump who didn’t rush to save the Puerto Rican’s and instead blamed the island’s inadequate economic infrastructure and debt for their demise instead of discussing how the government plans to help our fellow citizens, should at least have the courtesy to appreciate people like Cruz going out of their way to help the suffering, instead of making it all about himself.

Thumbnail/ Banner Credits: Reuters, Carlos Barria

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