Poland's First Lady Just Brutally Snubbed Trump's Handshake

While being welcomed in Warsaw ahead of the G20 summit, President Donald Trump extended a hand to the Polish first lady only to be swiftly passed over for Melania Trump.

Political greetings always run the risk of being painfully awkward, but President Donald Trump is in a class of his own.

He's no stranger to being snubbed by other world leaders, and Trump's handshake has become a thing of snide legend. While visiting Poland in the days leading up to the G20 summit, Trump was given the cold shoulder yet again, this time by the Polish first lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda. 

President Andrzej Duda and his wife, Kornhauser-Duda, welcomed Trump and first lady Melania Trump with all the pomp and publicity one would expect of the meeting of two nation's leaders. Poland is one of the only remaining "friendly" allies of the White House in Europe, and its government leans strongly right. Nevertheless, when Trump extended a hand to the Polish first lady, she breezed right by him to enthusiastically welcome Melania Trump instead. 

It's difficult to say if the snub was intentional or just an honest mistake, but it's cringeworth either way. With the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, on Friday and Saturday bringing the most controversial world leaders together, there will likely be more awkward incidents.

Other nations have been watching Trump with as much trepidation as his opponents back home, and while it's better for all of us if we get along, it certainly doesn't mean there can't be some shade thrown along the way.

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