Trump Team Denies Sons Are Selling Million Dollar Access To Their Dad

For a million dollars, a donor will not just be given access to Donald Trump but will have “a multi-day hunting and/or fishing excursion” with his sons, a nonprofit claimed.

Trump’s Sons

Ivanka Trump tried to auction off a coffee date for a sum of $50,000, and now Donald Trump’s grown sons have been linked to a similar effort.

Reports initially stated that the nonprofit organization Opening Day Foundation listed Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. as "honorary co-chairmen" and purported to sell access to the president-elect during inauguration weekend — for a million dollars.

The proceeds will go to “conservation” charities, which have, conveniently, not been named. The donor also has the option to remain anonymous if he or she chooses.

The event information stated the lucky donor will receive a private reception with the two Trump sons and a “special guest” which has been confirmed to be the president-elect himself. In addition, they will get “a private reception and a photo opportunity for 16 guests,” a “multi-day hunting and/or fishing excursion for 4 guests” with Trump’s sons and tickets to other inauguration events.

The brochure was first linked by TMZ, but Walter Kinzie, chief executive officer of event management company Encore Live who was hired to manage Opening Day 2017, said it was “not accurate,” yet failed to mention exactly how.

Trump’s spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in a statement that the plans were not “approved by the Trump family” and Trump’s sons were “not involved in any capacity.”

In an apparent effort to damage control, a subsequent brochure was published, one in which the hunting trip with Trump’s sons was removed along with a private reception with the president-elect.

“Eric and Don Jr. will support the foundation, but they will not be co-founders of it,” said Mark Brinkerhoff, the spokesman for Opening Day. “Their involvement with the foundation and with the event is purely supportive. They will not be official parties to the Opening Day Foundation.”

Lots of people would certainly have paid a pretty penny for the chance to get up close and personal and curry favors with the future first family, but now that Trump and his sons are apparently out of the picture, it’s likely the charity won't raise as much as it expected.

As proven with Ivanka’s debacle and now this current one with her brothers, it’s obvious the Trump family does not give a whit about conflict of interest.

How many times will the Trumps blur the line between politics and personal business and what will it take for it to sink in that it is just not OK?

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