Trump Has Already Spent Almost Double Of Obama’s Annual Travel Budget

Trump, who is used to living a luxurious lifestyle, is spending millions of taxpayers' money on taking weekly trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort and other properties.

President Donald Trump once criticized former President Barack Obama for playing “too much golf” and using taxpayers' money for travel.




However, now that Trump is in the Oval Office, the business mogul within just three months of presidency has already exceeded Obama’s annual travel budget.

Reports have estimated that each of the POTUS’ trips to his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, cost around $3 million. So far, he has taken more than seven trips there, which amount to $21 million at least.

In comparison, Obama spent around $12 million in the entire year.

If this trend continues, it is likely that Trump would have spent around $60 million in taxpayer money by the end of the year, which is around five times that of Obama’s spending. Additionally, according to the New York Police Department, it costs around $146,000 per day to protect the first family.

Interestingly, the president has golfed about once every 5.6 days since assuming office, whereas Obama indulged in the sport once every 8.8 days over the eight years he was in the White House.

Just toward the end of last month, the Government Accountability Office said it was going to look into Trump’s travel costs to Mar-a-Lago, after a group of Democratic lawmakers called for the investigation.  

People on Twitter are also calling out the president for his lavish lifestyle and excessive spending on vacations and travel.





Check out the video above to learn more about Trump’s travel costs in comparison to Obama's. 

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