Trump Calls Black Supporter 'Thug' Then Kicks Him Out Of Rally

Ex-Marine C.J. Cary attended a North Carolina rally in support of the brash GOP candidate, only to be escorted out after being called a "thug."

Donald Trump

Another day, another awful Trump blunder motivated by racial profiling. Will it ever end? We’ll take the liberty of answering our own question: Yes, hopefully, with the election.

At a rally in North Carolina, Trump mistakenly perceived a 63-year-old African-American supporter, who happens to be a long-standing Trump fan, as a protestor, the Charlotte Observer reports. That’s when it gets really, really ugly, as shown around the 1:50 mark in the video above. “By the way, were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?” Trump asked the target. Ugh.

“You can get him out, get him out,” Trump continued.

The man, C.J. Cary, is an ex-Marine and considers Trump to have “redemptive qualities,” citing him as an “honest” candidate. Security personnel noticed the GOP badge Cary was sporting as he was escorted out, and the error was realized.

“I said, ‘I was trying to get to this doc to Mr. Donald … will you get this to Donald?’” Cary said. “He said, ‘Well dude, we’d be happy to give it to him.’”

The note read:

 “I have to get ready to come to Kinston. Donald I am not including everything. But you must defeat lying Hillary and lying Obama. These characters are bad really bad.”

According to Rocky Mount Telegram, dozens of Trump signs littered Cary’s yard in the summer, reportedly worth $900, which vandals later destroyed.

It seems Cary won’t be changing his mind about who he’s voting for this November, despite the terrible offense. 

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