Trump Spokeswoman's Excuse For Abortion Comments: 'It Was A Misspeak!'

Trump's spokeswoman Katrina Pierson went on CNN to vehemently defended the Republican front-runner's idea that women who receive abortions deserve "punishment."

Katrina Pierson is at it again, this time yelling at a CNN host Alisyn Camerota about Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s “misspeak” concerning women and abortions.

This comes just one day after Trump declared that women who receive illegal abortions deserve “some kind of punishment” for breaking the law. While the “punishment” was left vague and unanswered, the declaration was enough to send everyone in a fury.

Camerota decided to tackle it head on, asking Trump’s spokeswoman to clarify his stance on abortion. It soon became a mesmerizing train wreck on Pierson’s part as she fumbled and defensively yelled about Trump’s “misspeak,” attempting (and failing) to turn the tables onto the media and President Barack Obama.

Camerota asked about Trump’s belief that there should be a ban on abortion; Pierson said that he said no such thing. As soon as Camerota pulled out the script from the conversation in question, Pierson began yelling.

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“This is a misspeak!” Pierson exclaimed. “There was a misspeak here, and you have a presidential candidate that clarified the record. Not once, but twice.”

“But his clarifications were also confusing,” the CNN host explained calmly.

“No, they weren’t confusing!” Pierson shouted back. “But the clarification was that it would be a state issue. I’m not so sure what so hard to understand about that.”

The conversation continued with Pierson attempting to point the finger at literally anyone but Trump, but Camerota wasn’t having it, keeping the conversation on-topic. When finally asked if Trump was going to come forward and make his views “crystal clear,” Pierson simply said he would reiterate his previous statements because that’s, apparently, the best he can do.

Watch the full interview below:

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