Trump Admits His Staff Is Fighting — But 'Over Who Loves Me The Most'

Apparently, Trump administration members like Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner are competing against each other to win Trump's affections.

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Ever since Donald Trump took office, stories of infighting among his close advisers have been making headlines.

However, the president continued to deny all leaks and reports suggesting disorder in his administration — until this week.

In an interview published recently in The Wall Street Journal, Trump — sort of — admitted internal strife among White House staffers, adding they are all trying to compete for his affection.

“I don’t mean the White House stuff where they’re fighting over who loves me the most, OK?” Trump said. “It’s just stupid people doing that.” (As per the transcript of the interview, there was laughter heard in the room in response to this statement.)

So, this means when White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon called Trump's close adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner a "cuck" and "globalist," Bannon was, as per Trump, trying to win over his boss' affection (??).

The POTUS delivered this quip as he was discussing White House and intelligence leaks.

As far as leaks from among the White House staffers were concerned, Trump didn't appear bothered at all. But as to the U.S. intel leakers, the president said he expected the Justice Department to do a better job.

“They’re the ones that have the great power to go after the leakers, you understand,” he said. “So — and I’m very disappointed in Jeff Sessions.”


Trump's comments about Sessions in the Journal come almost a day after the president suggested his (handpicked) attorney general was "very weak" for not prosecuting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her "crimes (where are E-mails & DNC server)" — cases that have been investigated by the FBI and closed because they couldn't find anything.

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