Trump Ignores Advice And Stares Directly At Sun During Eclipse

Despite multiple warnings of eye damage, President Donald Trump stared openly at the history-making solar eclipse.

For the first time in over a century, a solar eclipse was visible across the United States. Millions of people from all over the country donned special eclipse viewing glasses, and used makeshift colander cameras and cereal box pinhole projectors to safely view the moon pass over the sun — all except President Donald Trump, of course.

Scientists and experts warned the general public for weeks about the dangers of looking directly at this year’s eclipse. But famous climate-change denier Trump stared squinting at the sun during the event, even as a White House aide shouted, "Don't look."

Trump later viewed the eclipse with a pair of protective glasses, but that didn't stop people from reacting to his ignorance.

There is no telling why Trump chose to ignore multiple warnings. On Monday, daughter and adviser to the president, Ivanka Trump, posted a boomerang reminding others to wear their own protective gear, but the president apparently did not get the memo.

Perhaps he's tired of reading those lengthy White House addresses off of a teleprompter and needed a worthwhile excuse. Or maybe Trump simply misunderstood that staring directly at an eclipse can impair your vision. After all ,he’s been confused by science before, often mixing up facts about the weather with climate change.

For Trump, science can be tricky indeed. If scientists hope to change the future of scientific policy in the United States, maybe they should try telling Trump that climate change doesn't exist, and he may take the opposite stance.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque 

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