Trump’s State Department Spokeswoman Was An Islamophobic Fox News Host

It’s not a surprise that the spokesperson is an Islamophobe as Trump has proven time and again his predilection for choosing the most unsuitable candidate for the job.



President Donald Trump has just picked his news State Department spokesperson and it’s none other than Heather Nauert.

The name might be familiar to some people as she is the same woman who used to be a host at Fox News — the very same network embroiled in controversies over mounting sexual and racial harassment incidents.

The news doesn’t come as a shocker because Trump has made no bones about the fact that Fox News is his favorite channel and also occasionally retweets their clips. It’s also no surprise that Nauert is an Islamophobe as Trump has proven time and again his predilection for choosing the most unsuitable candidate for the job.

The former Fox News hosts has no prior experience in government or diplomacy and, unlike other State Department nominees who strive to have amicable relations with different communities, does not show respect for the world’s 1.6 billion Muslim population — which in normal time is grounds for disqualification from the job that requires communicating foreign policy to the world.

However, the State Department has come to her defense stating she reported on the 9/11 terror attacks, the war in Iraq and the genocide in Darfur, Sudan — and that’s the extent of her international relations.

However, her history of Islamophobia is quite extensive.

In 2009, Nauert did an hour-long special discussing “stealth jihad” with anti-Muslim campaigners and conspiracy theorists including Robert Spencer — founder of Stop Islamization of America, which the Southern Poverty Law Center lists it as an anti-Muslim hate group — and Frank Gaffney, whose numerous anti-Muslim theories are based on a 1991 fantasy written by a lone Muslim Brotherhood member.

In 2013, Nauert anchored a segment about a YMCA group in Minnesota that came together with local police to offer swim classes to Somali-American girls. The piece featured two Muslim girls with hijab sitting near a swimming pool and the anchor described the event as “minority becoming the majority at one community pool. Sharia law is now changing everything.”

She also tweeted about the anti-Muslim website Jihadwatch, which is run by Spencer and once defended Trump’s baseless allegations that Sweden had recently suffered terrorism after the influx of migrants.

In October, she tweeted out “Omg- they should meet #ISIS” after New York Times posted an article about how Muslims fear Trump’s policies.


Despite all this, the U.S. State Department is “pleased” to offer her this new position.

“Heather’s media experience and long interest in international affairs will be invaluable as she conveys the Administration’s foreign policy priorities to the American people and the world,” the State Department said in its announcement.

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