While Calling Press 'The Enemy,' Trump Suggests Meeting Putin Again

In a series of tweets sent Thursday, President Donald Trump suggested he would be setting up a second meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

President Donald Trump, left, shakes hands with Russia President Vladimir Putin during a joint meeting in Helsinki, Finland.

A disturbing tweet by President Donald Trump shows he has not learned any of the lessons from his disastrous week following a controversial meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump sent out a tweet on Twitter Thursday morning stating that he looked forward to working with Putin on several issues, including North Korea, cyber warfare, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, and more.

He also made a blatant attack against the news media, reiterating a line he’s made in the past calling them the “enemy of the people.”

Importantly in those tweets, Trump makes mention of meeting Putin again.

“I look forward to our second meeting so that we can start implementing some of the many things discussed,” Trump wrote, in part.

He just doesn’t seem to get it — people are not happy with his meeting with the autocrat earlier this week, and there are plenty of reasons why.

In his public remarks, Trump didn’t confront Putin regarding Russia meddling in our nation’s elections in 2016. The meeting also demonstrated that Trump did not put much trust in our own nation’s intelligence agencies and took Putin at his word (at least initially) when he told Trump that Russia didn’t meddle in our democracy.

A second meeting, in which he and Putin can discuss the wide range of topics he listed, would only end more disastrously, with Trump likely making another gaffe and possibly making deals with the Russian president that could compromise American lives.

It is contemptible that Trump gives such glowing accolades to Putin. That Trump makes such vicious attacks against the press as well, attacks that have inspired hatred and animosity toward the media by others, further displays his desire to become a feared autocrat himself.


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